Knavi Group at a Glance:

KnaviGroup - professionally engaged in the supply of producing equipment and raw materials for many industries: wood and metal processing industry, Plastics & Rubber Machinery, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, etc. 

Cover your needs - is our goal 

About Us

The company began its way in 2009, providing services in import service, customs clearance and logistic of industrial goods. The long experience in this field has enabled us to accurately debug the supply chain of machinery and materials of any complexity and specificity. 
Experience and knowledge base allow us to hold a strong position in the field of industrial equipment supplies, raw materials and chemicals for needs as for large industrial complexes, and as for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

In 2014, by management of group of companies was decided to bring the supply of producing equipment and materials into the separate, independent directions. We have made a priority in the effective and efficient provision of industrial enterprises with the necessary equipment and raw materials. 
We clearly understand the needs of modern enterprises in an integrated approach to solving the problem of a complete set of business of all sizes, from small and individual machines to complex production lines and raw materials. 
Knavi company is steadily and progressively developing: increased range of supplied products, expanding the geography of deliveries, deepening strong partnerships with leading manufacturing plants and current clients. 

Today Knavi Group are: proven over the years manufacturers, reliability of supply, competent specialists and unique web-service with system of selection of the necessary equipment and materials. 


Why Knavi?

Package approach 

Apart of search, selection of raw materials and equipment we are working up the supply logistics to the desired destination point 


Approved suppliers 

Proven equipment and materials from leading manufacturers. 


Competitive prices 

Due to rational logistics and drop shipments we’re offering our customers the best prices. 


Instant price calculation 

Web-site allows you to instantly generate an indicative calculation of the final cost of the equipment and raw materials in any of Russia's largest cities. This will allow to estimate the approximate level of spending "here and now". 


Trust and clients 

We always appreciate your trust in us and we put your interests above all else. We are focused on building long-term relationship is with each client. And we are constantly working to improve our service, implementing new developments that will make your work easier and more convenient. 

Solutions for the productions and industry

By providing the wide range of production equipment and related raw materials, we are trying to cover the needs of business of all sizes: from individuals and small businesses to large industrial organizations and the defense industry.

An integrated approach to supplies allows us to effectively assist customers in finding the right technological solutions: from the layout of a small furniture manufacturing to supply complex production systems for the plastics or chemical industry. 

We offer supplies of raw materials and equipment for:



Production and processing of polymers 

Chemical industry 

Food Industry 


Recycling equipment 

Oil and gas industry 

Other industries 

Knavi is:

Search and selection of production equipment and raw materials 
In case of absence of the necessary equipment or material to you, you can always leave the request form with specified required units, our specialists will contact you, will agree on the required specification and will pick the needed equipment. 

Rational and purposeful logistic 
Our logistic services allows to deliver goods anywhere in the world to your warehouse. Our customs clearance specialists quickly and optimally carry out customs clearance of your goods. 

Human-friendly website allows you to not only quickly find any equipment or raw materials, but also to find complete set of equipment- complex equipment or machinery for the implementation of narrow-profile problems, such as show list of the equipment for manufacture of furniture (or foam boards/screws/springs/ etc. ) 

Turnkey solution 

  • Project supplies of industrial machines and solutions for different tasks of production 
  • Consultations on the selection and configuration of equipment, depending on the nature of the work performed and used in the course of such works of raw materials 
  • Skilled assistance in the selection of the type of equipment, its models and spare parts to it 
  • Complex supply your production for necessary raw materials and spare parts 
  • Design of equipment for specific tasks 
  • Technical support service and maintenance 
  • Settlement of guarantee cases 


Qualified employees 
Our task is to help you to choose most suitable for your needs equipment and related raw materials. Our employees always help you to choice of necessary manufacturing solutions for the organization, debugging and supply for your production process: from the supply of equipment and machinery to the supply of raw materials and spare parts.