Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120
  • Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120
  • Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120
  • Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120
  • Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120
  • Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120

Шиномонтажный станок KT-C-185IT+AL120

Страна производителя: Китай

Основные характеристики

  • Бренд


  • Устройство наддува


  • Применение

    Для легковых автомобилей

  • Тип

    Автоматический стенд

  • Внешний зажим диска

    10 ″ — 22.5 ″

  • Внутренный зажим диска

    12 ″ — 25 ″

  • Макс. диаметр колеса

    1105 мм

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Rigid Vertical and Horizontal Post

  1. Automatic tyre changer with tilting post
  2. Simultaneous pneumatic locking of horizontal and vertical head arms, with automatic head positioning in the ideal working position.
  3. Strengthened vertical post is not subject to flexion during heavy work operation.

SmartoolTM Tool Head

  1. CEEGOS patented radian design guarantees that demounting and mounting are always carried out in an optimum way and in the utmost safety.
  2. Alloy material with special surface treatment ensures the strength and life of use.

Powerful Bead Breaking System

  1. Stainless steel cylinder against any rust
  2. Double -acting pneumatic cylinder generates powerful 2,700kg bead breaking force loosen hard wheel with ease.
  3. Adjustable bead breaking shoe with precise radian allows tyre beads to be accurately loosened.

Pedal Assembly

  1. Pedals in press-cast aluminum
  2. Removable front cover of pedal assembly for the convenience of maintenance and service.

Wheel Clamping System

  1. Rigid self-centering chuck with precise inching sliding locating the desired clamping size in one time.
  2. Reversible direction of turntable gives operators the ability to back up in the event of turntable stall during stubborn bead installation to reduce the risk of tire damage .
  3. Two-speed turntable available

Maintenance-free Gear Box

  1. Special grease lubrication gives efficient heat dissipation for longer lift of use.
  2. High-strength alloy worm and worm gear with accurate matching and conformity transfer the stable and powerful working force onto the turntable.

Tubeless Tyre Inflation System

  1. External air tank of the machine
  2. The blast inflation system is activated by a single pedal command with two positions.

Position 1: standard inflating mode. 
Position 2: bead seating, by means of a large quantity of pressurized air passing through nozzles built into the chuck slides.

  1. Pressure release button on inflation gauge to discharge exceed pressure.


TuboAssist™ Assist Arm AL135

  1. Fresh innovative design, integrated with all functions of traditional twin assist arms in one.
  2. High-tensile three-stage swivel arm highlights super performance on run-flat and low profile tyres without flexion and deformation.
  3. Powerful screw-adjustable drop-center tool holds tough sidewalls non-escapable.
  4. Bead top pressing roller with vertical and horizontal movement works out accurate position along with strong power to treat stubborn beads.
  5. The bead lifting disc gives leverage at any position.
  6. Optional plastic rim press cone ideal for fastening the rim of reversal mounting tyres.
  7. Optional bead locking clamp for the convenience for special tyres.

Wheel Protection Package

  1. Complete with kit of plastic protections to prevent damage to the most delicate rims.

Основные характеристики

  • Применение: Для легковых автомобилей
  • Тип: Автоматический стенд

Технические характеристики

  • Внешний зажим диска: 10 ″ — 22.5 ″
  • Внутренный зажим диска: 12 ″ — 25 ″
  • Макс. диаметр колеса: 1105 мм
  • Макс. ширина колеса: 380 мм
  • Рабочее усилие отжима: 2700 кг.
  • Давление воздуха: 8 бар — 10 бар


  • Устройство наддува: Да

Источник питания

  • Фазность: Трехфазный
  • Напряжение : 380
  • Мощность двигателя: 0.75 кВт

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