For Agents and Dealers

Looking forward to cooperate with you.

Due to the dynamic development and the exploration of new regional markets we offer one of the most convenient for you two-level forms of cooperation:

to become a Dealer or Agent.

     Honesty in a relationships

For dealers

We offer you favourable terms for the creation and development of your own business. Throughout the dealership form of cooperating you will be provided with comprehensive technical, information, advertising and marketing support.

Dealer terms are available in accordance with volume of procurement, duration of cooperation, frequency of purchases and/or other individual conditions of cooperation.


Dealer duties:

  • Purchasing, promotion and marketing of the KNAVI company's products
  • Implementation of the annual sales plan
  • Compliance with the principles of business ethics in relation to the company's customers
  • Quality and professional consulting on all matters related to the acquisition of goods and/or services


Dealer income:

  • Dealer percent based on the terms of Dealer agreement signed between the Company and the Dealer. The size of the dealer percent  depends on the volume of procurement, execution of sales plan and other factors affecting the business performance.
  • Against due performance by the Dealer of its obligations in part of execution of a sales plan Dealer has a right to get the rebate at rate of a few percents of executed sales plan.
  • KNAVI company is always ready to consider your proposals for the development and implementation of joint programs in any region

For agents

Agent duties:

  • Informing potential customers about KNAVI Company, range of its products and services
  • Searching and cession customers interested in purchasing products from the KNAVI company
  • Following-up client until his first purchasing  from the KNAVI company

Agent income:

  • With each sale of goods to the customer given by the Agent, the Agent shall be paid a fee (Agency commission). The amount of remuneration stipulated in each separate sale of the goods.


Request for cooperation

For all the issues of cooperation, you can contact us at:

e-mail: [email protected]

tel.: +86 181 18422417