Double-Columns Horizontal CNC Machining Center HMC800
  • Double-Columns Horizontal CNC Machining Center HMC800

Double-Columns Horizontal CNC Machining Center HMC800

Production country: China

Основные характеристики

  • Brand


  • Type

    Horizontal CNC machining center

  • CNC


  • Guideways

    Linear guideways

  • Range of Spindle Speeds

    35 rpm — 4500 rpm

  • ATC type

    Chain type tool magazine

  • Max. tool diameter

    178 mm

  • Max. tool lenght

    300 mm

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Standard configuration:                             

  • The CNC system: FANUC 0i MD
  • The knife: 24 the mechanical hand knife
  • The spindle:High rigidity and precision spindle unit

Select the configuration:

  • M70B/M70A Mitsubishi OR SIEMENS 828D
  • Automatic chip system
  • CNC continuous indexing table (not suitable for heavy cutting)
  • The knife: Chain knife library


The main performance characteristics:

  • Fixed column structure
  • Numerical control sub table, minimum 10, hydraulic clamping, suitable for heavy cutting.
  • Gas liquid conversion lift balance device
  • Z axis to the four rectangular hard rail;X axia to overload roller type linear guide rail;Y axia to rectangular hard rail


Horizontal machining center spindle speed is high, the rigidity is strong, the torque is big. The main shaft is equipped with cooling system, the automatic rotation of the double working table, reducing the auxiliary time, improve efficiency. This series of machine tool performance is perfect, the precision is stable, it is suitable for processing various types of box parts and two dimensional, three-dimensional surface, it is mechanical, automobile, communication, textile machinery, printing machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries processing box type parts of key equipment.


General properties

  • Type: Horizontal CNC machining center

Control unit

  • CNC: Fanuc
  • CNC type: FANUC 0i MD


  • Spindle axis orientation: Horizontal
  • Spindle drive: Gear drive spindle
  • Range of Spindle Speeds: 35 rpm — 4500 rpm
  • Spindle Taper: BT50
  • Distance from spindle nose to table top: 160 mm — 1260 mm


  • Positioning accuracy: 0.0025 mm
  • Repeatability accuracy: 0.0015 mm


  • Coolant through spindle system: -

Horizontal working table

  • Guideways: Linear guideways
  • Working table length: 800 mm
  • Working table width: 800 mm
  • Longitudinal (X-axis) travel of table: 1150 mm
  • Cross (Y-axis) travel of table: 900 mm
  • Vertical (Z-axis) travel of table: 900 mm
  • Feed speed: 1 mm/min — 5000 mm/min
  • Max. worktable load: 2000 Kg

T-slots of horizontal table

  • Number of T-slots: 5 pcs
  • T-slot width: 22 mm
  • T-slot pitch: 160 mm

Operating tools

  • ATC type: Chain type tool magazine
  • Tool taper: BT50
  • Max. tool diameter: 178 mm
  • Max. tool lenght: 300 mm
  • Max. tool weight: 25 Kg

Power Supply

  • Motor power of spindle: 22 kW

Overall dimensions

  • Overall length: 5380 mm
  • Overall width : 3550 mm
  • Overall height: 3200 mm
  • Weight: 20000 Kg

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