Fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine JL-CNC-8533
  • Fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine JL-CNC-8533

Fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine JL-CNC-8533

Production country: China

Основные характеристики

  • Modification

    CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

  • Processing Glass

    Float glass

  • Glass sheet length

    8500 mm

  • Glass sheet width

    3300 mm

  • Glass sheet thickness

    3 mm — 19 mm

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Through the professional graphics software composition and processing. It has advantages of high precision, fast speed, simple operation, stable performance, price economy, application of a wide range of features. Widely used in construction, furniture, hollow, solar, LOW-E, electrical appliances, automobile, lens, arts and crafts, kitchen bathroom and other glass automatic cutting cutting.

  • Using a differential signal input and output, better interference rejection, a more stable system;
  • Arc speed automatic adjustment function, processing speed according to the different size of the circle;
  • Standard Windows style, operation interface is simple and reliable, easy to learn;
  • Laser edge searching function, accurate determination of glass position, without edge cutting;
  • The cutter head normal tracking function, cutting path clearly visible;
  • Cutting analog regulating pressure;
  • Subsection to pressure function, and profiled automatic pressure;
  • Automatic feeding, flow;
  • In English online switch, convenient for foreign users;
  • The software comes with built-in graphics library is very large cutting;
  • The template abnormity scanning speed.

General properties

  • Modification: CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine
  • Processing Glass: Float glass

Technical Parameters

  • Glass sheet length: 8500 mm
  • Glass sheet width: 3300 mm
  • Glass sheet thickness: 3 mm — 19 mm
  • Desktop height: 900 mm
  • Cutting speed: 160 m/min
  • Cutting precision: 0.2 mm

Power Supply

  • Motor power: 11 kW
  • Voltage: 380

Overall dimensions

  • Overall length : 9400 mm
  • Overall width: 4200 mm
  • Overall height: 900 mm
  • Weight: 3000 Kg

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