Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser YOM-4
  • Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser YOM-4

Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser YOM-4

Production country: Taiwan

Основные характеристики

  • Machine type

    Oscillation Mortiser

  • Maxi. depth of mortise

    50 mm

  • Max. width of mortise

    100 mm

  • Number of Spindels

    4 pcs

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Outstanding Features:

  • This highly productive mortiser is designed for producing various mortises simultaneously.
  • Flexible head combination to meet specific job requirements.
  • Double tables on front and back sides, permitting both sides operations for increased efficiency.
  • Cutter speeds are frequency inverter controlled, providing variable speeds change.
  • The entire operation motions are conveniently controlled by simply pressing the foot switch.
  • Each carriage is adjusted independently.
  • Two speeds cutter oscillation permits high/low speed change.
  • Carriages slide on big steel rods. High speed cutter oscillation features maximum stability.
  • Mortise width and depth are adjustable.
  • The machine is designed for both mortising and drilling functions.
  • Carriages are well constructed for adjusting mortise width independently.

Mortising Head

  • Mortising head is directly driven by an independent 1.8HP motor. Two cutters fitted on both ends of spindle perform both sides mortising simultaneously.
  • Mortising head position can be adjusted in right/left, up/down directions.
  • Collet chuck clamps /unclamps the cutter for quick tool change.Mortising Head


  • The machine is constructed of three tilting carriages and one horizontal carriage. Each carriage can be fitted with one or two mortising head as customer's requirement.
  • Each carriage can be tilted independently. Maximum tilting angle is 20°.
  • Picture shown model YOM-4 is equipped with three tilting carriages and one horizontal carriage.Carriage

Variable Cutter Speed

  • The cutter running is controlled by a high performance frequency inverter, permitting for variable speeds adjustment. Wide speed range is from 6,000 to 12,000 RPM.Variable Cutter Speed

Control Panel

  • All of machine motions are grouped in one control panel for operation convenience, including cutter oscillation, motor ON/OFF control, and clamping cylinder control etc.Control Panel

Independent Mortising Head Control

  • Each mortising head is controlled by an independent switch. The operator may adjust mortise position as desired for maximum flexibility.Independent Mortising Head Control

General properties

  • Machine type: Oscillation Mortiser
  • Maxi. depth of mortise: 50 mm
  • Max. width of mortise : 100 mm


  • Number of Spindels: 4 pcs
  • Spindle speed: 5000 rpm — 10000 rpm
  • Oscillation rate: 90 spm — 190 spm
  • Distance between spindles: 90 mm ~1000 mm

Horizontal working table

  • Working table number: 2 pcs
  • Numbers of carriage: 4 pcs.

Power Supply

  • Voltage: 380
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Current frequency: 50
  • Total power: 6200 W

Overall dimensions

  • Overall length : 2200 mm
  • Overall width : 1420 mm
  • Overall height: 1650 mm
  • Weight: 1450 Kg

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