Injection Molding Machine HXF 65
  • Injection Molding Machine HXF 65

Injection Molding Machine HXF 65

Production country: China

Основные характеристики

  • Brand


  • Modification

    Fully hydraulic injection molding machines

  • Application

    Plastic packaging, Electronics components, Bowls/boxes/buckets, Plastic cutlery/tableware

  • Processing plastics

    ABS resin, LDPE resin, HDPE resin

  • Screw diameter

    28 mm

  • Theoretical Injection Capacity

    73 cm3

  • Injection Pressure

    229 MPa

  • Plasticizing Capacity

    6 g/sec.

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HYSISON HXF 65 horizontal injection molding machine is mainly composed of an injection unit, a clamping unit, a hydraulic part and control system. Controlled by computer, this precision injection molder adopts imported high quality components. It comes with features of good stability, long service time, favorable performance and capability of producing a majority of plastic products.

Components of Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

1. Injection Unit 

  • Double-guide pole and double cylinder balancing injection system
  • Screw pre-plasticizing device with high torque motor driving screw-bar
  • Computer PID for controlling charging barrel temperature 
  • Storage back pressure adjustable system
  • Micro adjustment device for nozzle center aiming
  • Multi-level injection, pressure-keeping, speed and location control
  • Production function of screw cold start-up
  • Injection position scale control
  • Anti-skid aluminum patterns cover

2. Hydraulic Unit of Horizontal Injection Molding Machine 
The hydraulic unit consists of world famous brand oil pump and control valve with outstanding performance. It endows precision injection molder with features of high accuracy, high reliability and stability, long lifetime, low noise and environmental protection.

3. Clamping Unit of Horizontal Injection Molding Machine 

  • 5 point double toggle system 
  • Special pre-tensioning tie bar for reliable endurance 
  • Mechanical and electrical safety devices 
  • Hydraulic safety devices 
  • Low pressure molding protection device 
  • Multi stage molding open/close pressure and speed control 
  • Multi-stage and multi-function hydraulic ejection control 
  • Fast molding closing device 
  • Mechanical positive molding open position device 
  • Adjustable slide riding on hardened steel tracks to support the moving platen 
  • Robust casting construction with lengthened tie bar guides for rigid support and platen alignment 
  • Automatic mould height adjustment function for clamp tonnage setting up 
  • Fixed platen on horizontal injection molding machine frame to allow oversize moulds to overhang the platen
  • Hollow spherical casting designed with finite element analysis (for maximum rigidity) 
  • Toggle lubrication: automatic lube system with function monitor (oil pressure sensor and oil level sensor).
  • Frame with catch tray and guide channels (to collect surplus oil and keep machine frame clean).
  • Automatic toggle greasing system controlled by central lubrication device
  • Hardened steel pins and bushes
  • Safety covers: fixed cover on top of toggle set for safety and to keep toggle area clean of workshop dust

4. Injection Unit of Horizontal Injection Molding Machine 

  • Twin cylinder balanced injection system
  • Multi-steps pressure, speed and time control for plasticizing
  • Injection cushion position monitoring function
  • Plasticizing cold start prevention function
  • Hopper slide
  • Purge guard with limit switch interlock
  • Injection unit anti-slip aluminum cover
  • PID Barrel temperature control device
  • Sunk back function
  • Screw plasticizing back pressure control function
  • Cooling water manifold 
  • Multi stage injection hold pressure control
  • Multi stage injection pressure control
  • Nozzle centering alignment device

General properties

  • Modification: Fully hydraulic injection molding machines
  • Application: Plastic packaging, Electronics components, Bowls/boxes/buckets, Plastic cutlery/tableware
  • Processing plastics: ABS resin, LDPE resin, HDPE resin
  • Heating power: 7.4 kW

Injection unit

  • Number of Injection zones: One injection zone pcs
  • Screw : A
  • Screw diameter: 28 mm
  • Theoretical Injection Capacity: 73 cm3
  • Injection Weight: 67 g
  • Injection Pressure: 229 MPa
  • Injection Rate: 40 g/sec.
  • Plasticizing Capacity: 6 g/sec.
  • Screw: B
  • Screw diameter: 32 mm
  • Screw L/D ratio: 21.3
  • Theoretical Injection Capacity: 96 cm3
  • Injection Pressure: 175 MPa
  • Injection Weight: 87 g
  • Injection Rate: 55 g/sec.
  • Plasticizing Capacity: 8 g/sec.
  • Screw: C
  • Screw diameter: 35 mm
  • Screw L/D ratio: 19.5
  • Theoretical Injection Capacity: 115 cm3
  • Injection Weight: 105 g
  • Injection Pressure: 146 MPa
  • Injection Rate: 66 g/sec.
  • Plasticizing Capacity: 10 g/sec.
  • Screw: D
  • Screw diameter: 38 mm
  • Screw L/D ratio: 18
  • Theoretical Injection Capacity: 136 cm3
  • Injection Weight: 123 g
  • Injection Pressure: 123 MPa
  • Injection Rate: 74 g/sec.
  • Plasticizing Capacity: 12 g/sec.
  • Screw Speed: 190 rpm

Clamping unit

  • Clamping unit: One-Platen Clamping unit
  • Clamping force: 650 kN
  • Max. mould height: 300 mm
  • Min. mould height: 100 mm
  • Space between Tie-Bars : 310 x 290 mm
  • Number of ejectors: 1 pcs
  • Ejector force: 27.5 kN
  • Ejector stroke: 65 mm


  • Pump pressure: 16 MPa
  • Oil tank capacity: 117 L
  • Double pump: -
  • Variable Pump: -


  • Rotary table: -

Power Supply

  • Motor power: 7.5 kW
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Phase: Three-phase

Overall dimensions

  • Overall length: 3530 mm
  • Overall width: 1100 mm
  • Overall height: 1700 mm
  • Weight: 1900 Kg

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