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How to make an order

Search of Goods

For convenience of search of the necessary goods on a site three variants of search are presented:

  • Searching Goods by using Search bar  
  • Product Catalog Search
  • Goods selection assist


Searching Goods by using Search bar  

The search option allows to search for a Goods by its name or model. The issuance results are a list of 10 lines with goods that meet the query criteria.


Product Catalog Search

The directory tree is a convenient way to navigate and find the desired Goods. The hierarchical structure of the catalog will allow you to easily guided in the various groups of products displayed on the site.


Breadcrumbs trail will make it easier to navigate in website sections, determine your own location and go to the necessary sections.


Goods selection assist

Goods selection mechanism is designed to help you find the complete set of equipment- complex equipment or machinery for the implementation of narrow-profile problems. 

For example, select the list of equipment and raw materials for the production of foam plastic, list of equipment for making wooden furniture, mattresses, secondary processing of polymers, etc.


How to make an order

To receive an official commercial offer, you must add the product to the shopping cart by clicking the appropriate button.

In Cart need to specify the right amount of goods, check the positions, select the desired delivery city. In the event that everything is stated correctly, click the "Generate the quotation".

  • Attention! Need to sign up to receive automatically generated Commercial Offers
  • Attention! Notification status "In process" indicates you that the verification of the Commercial Offer is still in progress. In this case the price in Commercial offer is indicative.  Commercial offer is not official.
  • Attention! Notification status "Accepted" indicates you that the verification of the Commercial Offer has been completed. In this case the price in Commercial offer is correct and actual. Commercial offer is official.
  • Attention! To create a printed form of the Commercial offer click the "Download Invoice" button.

If you are satisfied with the price of the goods or you have any questions regarding the change in the price, the terms of delivery, etc., please contact our company by:

e-mail: [email protected]

telephone: +7 (423) 254 04 46