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Payment methods

Cost of goods and standard conditions of supply.

The cost of goods on the website is based on the calculation value of  minimum batch of goods. The final cost of the goods is fixed in the Commercial Offer, which is calculated and formed by staff of Company.

  • Attention! Prices quoted on this website are indicative, are not a public offer and may differ from the prices formed in the Commercial Offer.

The cost of the goods includes delivery to city specified in the city's selector bar and does not include door-delivery and additional services (like as sending correspondence by courier (express) mail services, adjustment works, unloading operations, etc.).

  • Attention! The cost of the goods can be changed according to individual conditions and arrangements with the Buyer.

The final cost of the goods, conditions of supply and delivery time are stated in the Sales Contract between the Buyer and the Company.


Terms of payment:

To buy and pay for the Company's goods can legal entities and individuals.

Payment for the Goods is carried out on the basis of the Sales Contract and the Commercial invoice. Payment for the Goods is made in russian rubles (RUB)

Payment is carried out only by bank transfer to the Company's current account.


Payment time limit:

Payment due date for the goods is stipulated in the Sales contract

Standard payment conditions:

  • 100% advance payment
  • 50% advance payment, 50% upon the written notification (by e-mail or otherwise) of the Buyer about the readiness of the goods for shipment


Special terms:

  • payment by installments
  • postpone payment